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How to utilize service to fuel your 2024 development goals

Our first Leadership Resource Group Conference of 2024 was truly empowering!


We had the opportunity to hear key influencers from local nonprofits speak on how to utilize service to fuel development goals. Our favorite words of wisdom were:


 💙Join the committee that scares you the most because you will learn so much from practicing what you’re uncomfortable with.

 💙By dedicating time to service, you invest in yourself and your community.

 💙Don’t underestimate what you have to offer.

 💙Find your passion and be bold enough to reach out to related opportunities.


A heartfelt thank you to our panelists, Ed Clifford, Matt Taliaferro, Rodrigo Salas, our moderator, Samantha Arroyos, our keynote speaker, Dr. Adam Arroyos, our attendees, and Signature Bank of Arkansas' Banco Sí for powering our event! We are excited to announce that one third of those who joined us, invested in their goals and serving their community by signing up for one of our four LatinXNA Community Pathways! Our hearts are so full.

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