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NOVEMBER 30, 2023


Huge thank you to all of our LatinXNA Community Members that joined us for our last event of 2023!

Our LatinXNA LiftUP Virtual Speaker Series Sponsored by Cox Communications was a great success! Our conversation around empowering advancement through digital resources left us all inspired and ready to support our underserved communities! Thank you to our moderator, Tina Gabbard, and panelists: Carol Silva MoralezFrancisco Herrero, and Carrie Bradow for all of your insight and passion!

Here's what we learned:

🗣 The 3 main aspects of the digital divide are affordability, accessibility, and skills surrounding digital literacy
🌐 33% of Latino families do NOT have regular access to the internet, 37% only have access to cell phones
📊 Nearly 70% of households eligible for the Federal Gov's own Affordable Connectivity Program are NOT enrolled currently

What can we do?
❤️ #bettertogether - Together, we can achieve greater impact and overcome these digital resource barriers. Find ways to connect and multiply the outcome.
🤝 Support the advancement of overcoming these challenges. We must find and share resource solutions for ALL families to thrive.
💬 Spread knowledge! Help your community better understand the resources provided for them.

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