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WOW! Our LatinXNA Latina Empowerment Panel Powered by Procter & Gamble Outlyr featuring Michelle Mejia McAuliffeTara GartmanNataly Arboleda GreinerMaria Fassi Lupita R.Lupita R. and Crystal Martinez was a resounding success, inspiring change, celebrating resilience, and fostering unity.

The room was filled with the energy of empowerment, as these incredible women shared their inspiring journeys and insights. We laughed, we cried, and we left with hearts full of determination to shatter glass ceilings and break barriers. We could not be more grateful for these fierce women who shared their stories, uplifted one another, and ignited a powerful wave of change for future generations!

Congratulations once again to Thalita Colombo on being our 2023 Latina Empowerment Award Recipient! This was awarded for exemplary leadership and service as a Latina in Northwest Arkansas dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of our LatinXNA Community and beyond. 

Our Team’s favorite takeaways were:

🗣 Despite what the past may have entailed, enter every single day with a fresh and positive new perspective. Do not be afraid of your presence, instead allow yourself to take up space.

💪 Confronting your ego and managing your expectations is one of the best ways to overcome roadblocks. 

🙌 The beautiful reminder that your superpower isn’t your career knowledge, it’s everything within you. Therefore, do not be afraid to pivot or take a risk because as long as you have confidence in yourself, you will always land on your feet. 

Thank you to #NWAChampionship and our Serve2Perform Team for their hard work and commitment to ensuring that our event was unforgettable!

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