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Projected Impact

LatinXNA is committed to elevate, empower, and engage Latino talent throughout every sector of northwest Arkansas. We are raving fans of LatinX talent and commit to share their success stories here

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Expected Outcomes/Metrics: Latino Leader Spotlights and Latino Speaker (Thought Leaders) Exposure and Engagements

Expected Outcomes/Metrics: Mentor Matching, Cross-Industry Collaborations, Internship Placement, Job Placement

Expected Outcomes/Metrics: Nonprofit Board Placement, Private Board Placement, Latino Advancement to VP or above roles, and Appointed or Elected Office Placement

Expected Outcomes/Metrics: Executive Sponsorship Matches, B2B Matches (Latino-owned Business and Corporate America), Latino Filmmaker Pipeline 

community impact

Samantha Arroyos

Nonprofit Board Placement

Ozark Literacy Council