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2019 Winner: Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce

Education Trailblazer Award

2022 Winner: Springdale Public School District
Education Trailblazer Award.png

The Springdale Public School District has made many efforts over the years to support the Latino student and parent community in their district. Their nomination this year stemmed from their Communications departments’ with the tagline: informing, entertaining, and connecting springdale families. Their active online presence includes providing resources for all including Cafecita with Charla, a Spanish youtube series providing resources for Springdale parents. For these efforts and more, Springdale Public School District has won the LatinXNA Education Trailblazer Award. Congratulations! 

Media Trailblazer Award

2022 Winner: Northwest Arkansas Business Journal
Media Trailblazer Award.png

The Northwest Arkansas Business Journal has been nominated for their consistent advocacy of Latinos in their media sources as well as the recognition of Latino leaders throughout Northwest Arkansas. The NWA Business Journal has highlighted a growing number of Latino leaders in the past years including many members of LatinXNA. For this intentional effort as well as their advocacy of the LatinXNA community, the NWA Business Journal has been selected as the LatinXNA Media Trailblazer Award Recipient. Congratulations!


Nonprofit Trailblazer Award

2022 Winner: TheatreSquared
Nonprofit Trailblazer Award.png

TheatreSquared has been extremely active in advocating for the Latino theater community for many years. With their LatinX theater project (LXTP), they are committed to continuing an inclusive conversation about community identity through its devised theater performances. They have also in their year-round productions, hosted many productions highlighting the Latino community that not only includes original dialogue, movement, music, poetry, and rap; but also brings a focus to the authentic representation of Latinx voices in the arts and community. For these efforts, TheatreSquared has won the LatinXNA Non-Profit Trailblazer Award. Congratulations!


Community Trailblazer Award

2022 Winner: Arkansas United
Community Trailblazer Award.png

Arkansas United is a Northwest Arkansas based nonprofit founded by Mireya Reith. This organization was nominated due to their diligent efforts in advocacy for Latinos in Northwest Arkansas of all ages and backgrounds. In 2021 they not only supported many Latinos with COVID vaccinations, face mask distributions, and school supplies, but supported in rising the number of Latino registered voters and advocated for the Latino community at the State legislative level. For these efforts, Arkansas United has won the LatinXNA Community Trailblazer Award. Congratulations!


Business Trailblazer Award

2022 Winner: Signature Bank of Arkansas
Business Trailblazer Award.png

Congratulations Tyson Foods on being awarded the 2021 LatinXNA Business Trailblazer Award! We are extremely grateful to recognize Tyson for their efforts in the areas of elevating, empowering, and engaging the Latino community in the business industry in Northwest Arkansas. It was amazing to have had Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Carlos F. Orta, join us for a fireside chat facilitated by Dr. Adam Arroyos. Thank you Carlos F. Orta, Adriana Graham, and all of the Tyson Foods team members for joining us in person to accept the 2021 Business Trailblazer Award at our hybrid event on October 15th. 

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