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AUGUST 29TH, 2023


How a Life of Service Allows you to Do More and Be More

Our Leader Resource Group Conference started off strong as our event opener, Ana Arredondo, kicked off with a message about the purpose of the fireside chat. She also thanked our event sponsors and spoke to the value of inclusion for Walmart's culture. Ana then handed it over to our event emcee, Sandra Fallgatter. Sandra echoed Ana's remarks and introduced the event moderator, Dr. Adam Arroyos. 

Dr. Adam set the stage for the conversation by sharing powerful statistics regarding diversity and the Latino community. Did you know that in 2020, the US Latino GDP was $2.8 Trillion? Meaning, if the Latino Community was a standalone country it would be the 5th largest GDP in the world. Wow! With this and all the other incredible statistics, Dr. Adam teed us off to speak about how living a life of service allows you to do more and be more. As questions began, Lance and Adam spoke to what serving others and the greater good looks like in terms of actions and behaviors. They both mentioned the importance of putting the work in to get where you want to go, but also the importance of bringing others with you when you succeed. They reminded us to define ourselves past our job titles, and that service is a lifestyle anyone can achieve. It starts by leading with integrity and leading by example.

As we dove a little more into why service is important, we heard that when you are truly serving your peers, you learn how to navigate new situations, gain new perspectives, and understand the intent of those around you. It also provides a space where all individuals feel seen, heard, and empowered to be more and do more. 

As the event came to a close our wonderful emcee, Sandra, facilitated a Q&A with the audience centered around how to get started in service, how to navigate cultural differences, and how to leverage service as your practice field for your career.

A special thank you to all our event participants who joined us and to all of our partners who made this event so wonderful! We are constantly reminded that together, our impact is stronger!

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